The Ruby Valley is located in Madison County, population 7,509, where the major business activities are ranching, farming, construction, limited mining, and tourism and recreation.  Nestled between the Tobacco Root and Ruby ranges, the Ruby River winds through the valley until it meets the Beaverhead River.  The river provides excellent recreation opportunities, including world class fly fishing.
The primary towns of the Ruby Valley are Twin Bridges, Sheridan, Alder, and Silver Star.  For more information about business and life in our community, please visit the Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce Website.
The Ruby features a vibrant lifestyle, enlivened by our sense of heritage.  We have a variety of nonprofit, volunteer based organizations that contribute to the unique characteristic of our valley.  Some of these include:
  • The Ruby Habitat Foundation conducts a variety of studies in vegetation and management choices at the Woodson Ranch.  The Ranch serves as an outdoor classroom not only for land users to learn about innovative land use practices, but also provides local school children with a unique and special place to experience their natural environment.
  • Jackson’s Garden, Inc. operates an 8.5 acre community garden located in Sheridan.  The garden provides fresh fruits and vegetables to the community during the growing season, hands on learning experiences, and the opportunity for community members to learn about and engage in a local food system.