Apply for 310 Permit

310 Permitting

The purpose of the 310 law is to keep rivers and streams in as natural or existing condition as possible, to minimize sedimentation and to recognize beneficial uses. Any individual or corporation proposing construction in a perennial stream must apply for a 310 permit through the conservation district.

Preserve the Land and Protect Our Heritage

About the RVCD

The Ruby Valley Conservation District has been “Protecting the land and preserving our heritage” since 1939

Our Work

Our Work

The RVCD works to improve river and landscape health by working with landowners and federal, state, and non-profit partners. We also engage people of all ages through educational activities to help them understand the value of conservation.

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The Ruby Valley Conservation District is in the process of updating our Watershed Restoration Plan. This is an important document that not only guides restoration actions for the next 5-years, but also allows us to receive Clean Water Funding to improve water quality in the Ruby River and its tributaries. To guide this process, we are working to identify our community’s greatest concerns related to surface water supply and quality. By completing this survey, you’re helping us identify what’s important to the water users of the Ruby Valley.

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