About The RVCD

Our Mission

The Ruby Valley Conservation District has been “Protecting the land and preserving our heritage” since 1939. Specifically, our project work is centered around the health and restoration of the Ruby Watershed, both by assisting impaired streams and by reducing invasive weeds in the watershed. We also aim to educate and engage with our local communities about the importance of conservation.

Apply for 310 Permit

310 Permitting

The purpose of the 310 law is to keep rivers and streams in as natural or existing condition as possible, to minimize sedimentation and to recognize beneficial uses. Any individual or corporation proposing construction in a perennial stream must apply for a 310 permit through the conservation district.

Our Work & Volunteer Sign-Up

Our Work

The RVCD works to improve river and landscape health by working with landowners and federal, state, and non-profit partners. We also engage people of all ages through educational activities to help them understand the value of conservation. Click below to learn more about our projects and sign up to be notified about future volunteer opportunities.

Stewardship Director Job Opening

Status:                      Hourly Compensation:     $25-$30 hourly, based on experience Date:                          Friday, September 15th, 2023 Location:                 Sheridan, MT. Scheduling:            Full-Time To Apply Please include the following attachments: [...]

Our Stream Monitoring Program Is Still Welcoming New Volunteers!

We may be late into the summer, but our Stream Monitoring Program will still be going out every week for some time to come! If you’re interested, email bswc@rvcd.org for more details, and we’ll get you all trained up in the field. Come see parts of the valley that you may not always see while […]

We Need YOUR Help! Fill Out This Survey To Provide Your Perspective On The RVCD

The RVCD is currently in the process of designing a new 5-10 year long range plan that will outline our goals and priorities for that duration of time! If you’re interested in contributing your own perspective on what you know about the CD and what our goals as an organization should be, scan the QR […]