About the Watershed Council

The Ruby Valley Conservation District (RVCD) and the Ruby Watershed Council (RWC) are committed to uniting agriculture, recreation, conservation and education to “protect the land and preserve our heritage”.

The Ruby Watershed Council was formed to assist the CD in providing information, education and outreach to help preserve the agricultural heritage, rural open space and natural resource integrity of the watershed. The goal of the RWC is to better understand and characterize the natural resources of the Ruby Watershed and publicly share this information in a balanced, collaborative approach with all of the local and regional stakeholders. In this way, all citizens of the watershed benefit through the work of the council and the council builds important local support.

The RWC and RVCD have identified and prioritized several resource concerns to consider in the long-term plan. These priorities represent a ridge to ridge focus area for this watershed plan and provide goals and guidelines to maintain the natural resource integrity through a vision for the future with an eye on the past.

The RWC is an active member of the Montana Watershed Coordination Council, contributing to the future of watershed development through out the state.

Recent Projects Include:
  • Channel Migration Zone Mapping for the Lower Ruby River
  • Three Forks Corral Relocation Project in the Upper Ruby
  • Wetland & Riparian Mapping Project

Council Members

The Ruby Watershed Council is comprised of 11 appointed volunteers who represent a broad spectrum of perspectives held within the Ruby Watershed community.

Dan Durham, Chairman

Bob Flynn, Vice Chair

Dave Delisi, Secretary

Frank Colwell, Executive Member at Large

Gary Giem, RVCD Chairman

Dave McAdoo

Les Gilman

Jennifer Konopacki

Jim Reynolds

Open Seat

Open Seat

Interested in volunteering to be a Member?  Contact info@rvcd.org