Earth Week Day 4: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is celebrated all over the world as a way to support environmental protection. Here in the Ruby Valley, we have incredible wildlife, land, water, and open space. It is important that we actively work to protect and restore these resources and appreciate the landscape!

We encourage you to spend time outside today! Head out and take in the sights and sounds around you. Today’s activity has you do just that!

The RVCD and Ruby Habitat Foundation have organized a nature scavenger hunt at Woodson Ranch/Ruby Habitat Foundation (RHF). Follow the link below to find the scavenger hunt list and a map of the nature trail at Ruby Habitat Foundation on the RHF website. A big thank you to Dave Delisi for creating the scavenger hunt!

Before walking the RHF nature trail please make sure to fill out the permissive use document!

Microsoft Word – 2021 GRANT OF PERMISSIVE USE.docx (

We are lucky to have such an amazing place to explore and one way we can continue to do that is by filling out this form. Once complete, email it to We thank you!

The trail is open to the public and the map and list are available online (linked below). Feel free to stop by at any time that day to complete the hunt — there is no specific event time. If you cannot make it today, the Ruby Habitat Nature Trail is always open to the public. This scavenger hunt can also be completed in your backyard or neighborhood! Find more details on the Ruby Habitat Website!

If you have any trouble finding the trail or any issues, contact Dave at 406-660-2709!


2. Link to map and scavenger hunt details!

3. Learn more about Ruby Habitat Foundation: and Ruby Habitat Foundation | Facebook

Tomorrow is the final day to celebrate Earth Week with us! We’ll dive into seed starting with Jackson’s Garden and hear about local resources for plants and shrubs to start your own garden, including Judy’s Greenhouse & Garden.